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Customized expert system to achieve operational excellence


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PIMS and MES together in the same solution



PIMS and MES together in the same solution to centralize data and make effective decisions

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Connect Features


Assess the health of your plant through the main KPIs

In the KPI module it is possible to manage the plant performance indicators. Track KPIs such as OEE, business and process metrics. Connect provides the flexibility to include specific indicators and view the evolution of data on dashboards and reports.

Operational Efficiency

Check and record the costs of materials in your plant.

In the cost module you can check the current price of materials entering your plant and their value in the course of your process. You can plan unit costs by scheduling the values directly on the platform. In addition, you can define cost centers and assessments for equipment and materials.


Keep track of materials consumed, produced, distributed and stored at your plant.

The Inventory module presents the material transfers made in the process. With an intuitive design, Connect allows the user to confirm the data and make adjustments to the quantities in an agile way. In addition, it is possible to add transfers that could not be recorded automatically. The consolidated data is automatically sent daily to the corporate system (SAP).


Decrease the correction time and increase the useful life of your equipment.

Troubleshooting is a digital and dynamic guide to problems, causes and fixes that helps operators repair equipment. By automatically indicating maintenance, operation and utilities events, operators can more quickly find the root cause of that machinery's operation problem. In addition to stating the possible causes, the guide shows which are the probable corrections for each event that has occurred.

Operational Intelligence

Know when, where and why a production stop occurs and perform efficient preventive measures.

The shutdown system aims to inform which areas or equipment stopped producing and what were the causes of these shutdowns. Thus it is possible to prioritize more effectively maintenance, correction and plant utilization actions. This practice increases the reliability of the machinery and optimizes production results.

Operational Efficiency

Make more effective decisions from reliable data.

Dashboards and reports allow business and process data analysis to be performed in an agile and prioritized manner. It is possible to filter the information according to the type of diagnosis that will be performed. In addition, intuitive usability helps the user to view only the information that is needed. Due to the integration and centralization of data, the system allows greater assertiveness in decisions.

Product Features

ERP Integration

Data is automatically sent to the company's corporate system every day

Profile Management

Access to features may be restricted according to user profile

Product Differentials

industry standard


Custom configuration

In similar applications the system is static and often seeks to adapt the customer's process to the existing tool, there is not much space to adapt the tool to the process.

Connect is configured considering the particularities of each plant and seeking to adapt to them, which allows it to respond to specific customer and process demands.

Cloud server

Many applications work only with on-premise servers, and there is no option for the system to run in the cloud.

In addition to running locally, Connect brings the option to run in the cloud, with procedures aimed at maximum data security, validated by our Cybersecurity team.

Constant updates

There are systems that are not updated frequently, which may not respond well to new demands that may arise.

The platform is scalable and supports improvements developed based on new experiences. These improvements are passed on to customers: this happens automatically if you use the cloud system, and they can be downloaded if you choose on premise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there's a problem, how do I get in touch?

You can contact our team directly either on the platform itself or by email. Should any problems occur in your process or when reading a KPI, we are available to discuss possible solutions and optimization opportunities.

Once installed, is there any follow-up?

After installing Connect the commissioning phase begins, which ensures that the system and installed components are working in accordance with operational and contract requirements.

Will my team be trained to use Connect?

Yes, we conduct training both for platform use and system maintenance and administration. The contents range from understanding the server and its main functions to creating TAGs, task management and understanding the data flow.

Besides the modules, can I see general dashboards?

Yes. In addition to the modules, which give access to more details, Connect has dashboards that summarize the data, making it easier to see the most important points of the analysis. There is also the option to make comparisons between different periods and even plants, since Connect can integrate between plants and areas.

Does Connect replace the MES? 

Connect is an integrated PIMS and MES system that offers production downtime, troubleshooting, inventory, cost and KPI modules. Therefore, it is possible to replace many systems already used in industries. We have already managed to unify 10 out of 15 MES systems.

Does Connect integrate with any PIMS? historian system?

Yes! We're agnostic about technology. No matter which PIMS system you have, Connect integrates and allows you to make more effective decisions.

How does the implementation of Connect work and what is the minimum structure required?

If your plant already has a PIMS historian system configured with the process, all you need is a server with the operating system and database licenses: we implement the software and make the connections with the data acquisition systems. And if your plant doesn't have PIMS, don't worry: our IT team can help you with that process.
Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
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