Yield control and traceability for dairy products.


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Yield control and traceability for dairy products.

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What our customers say

"iTrack has been helping me in many ways. I can control the entire dairy product, from the reception of the milk to the packaging, I have yield control to help in decision making, I do quality control and I see non-conformities: everything to act directly in the focus of the problems".

Eduardo Morais


Esplanada Dairy

iTrack features

Operational Security

Can you detect a non-compliance at the time it occurs? Automatically?

Today, for dairy products, it is very laborious and time-consuming to lift all non-conformities from the milk and process manually.

After determining minimum and maximum margins for each variable, you will be informed every time she escapes from that lane.

The question stops being "what happened?" and becomes "what is happening?", allowing immediate corrective actions.


Can you identify all the batches/products used in the process?

Have you ever been taken by surprise when an inspector or auditor asked you to test the traceability of your product?

iTrack allows to obtain the ascending traceability: to know all the data of the raw material, to know all the ingredients, yeasts and their respective batches/brands used in each batch of finished product and the places (equipment, chambers, brines) where this product passed through during the process.

More than that, it is possible to get the information instantly by scanning a simple QR code.

Operational Intelligence

How do you use the milk and production variables to evaluate an income?

For dairy products of 30 thousand l/day, an improvement of 2% of the monthly average yield promotes an average gain of 24 thousand per month.

Yield depends on the potential of milk. iTrack does all the calculations, transition figure and adjusted yield, and displays the value of your yields per batch, per milk line, daily, monthly and product average, quickly and intuitively.

Operational Intelligence

Predictability of when your products will be available for sale and in what quantity.

Do you have trouble maintaining an alignment between production and sales?

At iTrack, we know the amount of manufacturing day by day and the maturation time of each product. With this we are able to design the amount of each product available for day to day packaging.


Your plant doesn't have to fit into iTrack, it fits into your plant.

We have a multidisciplinary team and food engineer(s) with experience in the sector. ​

We experience the routine of your factory and propose a workflow that best suits your dairy.

We trained your entire team and with one week the system is already running in your factory. In addition, we monitor the system and users after deployment to always improve and maximize the use of iTrack.


Can you give assurance about your traceability?

Consumers are more and more curious every day whether what they are consuming is guaranteed to come from.

iTrack has information from the farm to the supermarket gondula. The dairies can choose what information they want to display for the final customer.

Product Features

Loss Report

Manage the losses in the production process in sight

Packaging Projection

Forecast of products to be packed for any future period

Product Differentials

industry standard


Investment Required

Other systems may require plant adaptations for their operation, or at least a good performance computer to run the system.

All it takes to use iTrack is a computer/tablet with internet access, and nothing else. The journey mapping is done using the machinery of each plant and the training is done in the plant itself.


It is common for traceability and performance solutions to have limited accessibility, with data accessible only within the factory.

You don't have to be at the factory to keep up with production: all you need is access to the Internet. The data is stored in a 100% secure place (cloud), and only authorized people can have access. This is a guarantee against problems in the plant computer.


There are many suppliers who, after implementing the solution and training, no longer have contact with the manufacturer, which is left to their own devices.

We are not merely salesmen, but responsible for the maintenance and operation of iTrack. We will be following the process, with willingness to answer questions and solve problems whenever they appear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it integrate with my ERP?

Yes, we know that there is an overlap with the ERP that you use, especially in the part of finished products. We integrate with market ERP's (Magistech, TOTVs, SAP...)

Do you issue invoices?

We don't have the tax part yet.

Do I have traceability even on the farm?

We know all the producers who are on each line but our traceability begins at the arrival of the truck, at the mouth/beak analysis, at the moment of unloading.

How is iTrack deployed?

The system is all parameterized according to the reality of the dairy, we have a team with experience in the sector that assembles the system to be well adhered to the current workflow. After doing this initial assembly, we stayed one week in your plant understanding your production process, training people to release the information and view the system reports. After this week the system is up and running in your plant, we monitor usage to make sure our customers are getting the most out of the tool. It's our responsibility to make sure our customers use iTrack well.

Do I need a server and an IT team?

No. The system stays in the cloud and we have a dedicated team to make sure the system is available whenever you need it. All the flaws and improvements to the system are done by us, this is included in the subscription.

I need a computer, tablet?

All you need is the internet and a tablet computer or smartphone to access the site from anywhere you are.

What's the effort to get the information into itrack?

Today, an average of 30,000 liters of dairy products per day spends 4 hours a day to release all the information.

Do I need to hire someone to do the posting in the system?

No, we divide the launch according to who does each analysis (raw milk laboratory, platform, manufacturing, physical-chemical laboratory, packaging...), so that the managers themselves can do the launch within their work routine.
Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
Finding experts