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A customized expert system to achieve operational excellence with sustainable gains

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Nebuluz Features

Operational Efficiency

Are you sure your regulatory control is efficient?

Studies show that 75% of control loops do not contribute to process improvement.

This inefficiency is extremely costly, and is often not treated or even identified by the plant managers.

Before the implementation of Nebuluz, a study is made on the existing control loops and strategies to identify the gaps, propose and execute improvement actions and, thus, amplify the gains of advanced control.

Operational Intelligence

Is your instrumentation adequate and sufficient?

We carry out a preliminary analysis of the conditions and effectiveness of the existing instrumentation, combined with our extensive experience in processes in the most diverse segments of the industry.

If necessary, we assist in specifying additional instrumentation and develop virtual sensors (soft sensors) to maximize data quality and make the process more efficient.

Operational Intelligence

From the factory floor to the cloud, our architecture is fully flexible and scalable

Nebuluz was developed in a modularized and scalable way, using state-of-the-art technology that allows architectural flexibility to meet the most diverse deployment scenarios. ​

It is possible to perform fully on-premise, hybrid (edge) or completely cloud installations ensuring information security requirements and maximizing the use of available infrastructure to add new applications.

Operational Efficiency

System modeled specifically for your plant

Most Specialty Systems rely on configuration and adjustments of pre-designed generic models to seek process optimization. Nebuluz, on the other hand, is flexible and modeled in a customized way to meet the particularities of your plant.

This provides a more robust control, able to deal efficiently with the constant changes and specificities of your process.


Will you be able to keep the system generating the expected gains?

We know that the success of a specialist system depends very much on an adequate support of the solution after the delivery of the project. That's why we offer flexible support models, whether local or remote, to enable you to capture gains in a sustainable way, including in the long term.

In addition, the Nebuluz was built to be easy to understand and maintain. We offer support so that you can also support it without requiring too much knowledge of the system.


Utilisation rate above market average

We use a co-creation process with the Operation, Process and Automation teams that considerably increases the level of engagement and trust of the people involved.

As a result, we have a high level of satisfaction with the Nebuluz, with an average utilisation rate of 93.5%. In many cases, the system has become the company's standard APC and an essential tool for Operation.

Product Features

Creating Rules

The creation of new control rules is done quickly, in one place, without complication

Configuration and Rule Adjustments

Carry out the configuration and adjustment of control rules intuitively, without having to develop any lines of code

Product Differentials

industry standard


Systemic Analysis

Common PCA's only make changes that do not interfere with PLC or supervisory, and relevant problems are no longer resolved

The Nebuluz corrects problems in this layer as well, drawing on our in-depth experience and enhancing its performance as a specialist system

Custom Modeling

Expert systems often rely on generic models for typical processes, and try to fit their process into these pre-designed models

In Nebuluz, regulatory and advanced control are customized according to the particularities of the plant, which makes the project more successful

Flexible Support

Many times the support of the APCs requires new hiring from the supplier, and the constant changes in the plant cause the system to be disabled

The Nebuluz is extremely flexible to allow the maintenance of the desired results, which makes it one of the highest rates on the market

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Nebuluz work?

Nebuluz is an Artificial Intelligence based on fuzzy logic that uses information from operating rules, process data and operators' decision making history to suggest in real time the best operating point for your plant.

Does Nebuluz also perform model-based predictive control (MPC)?

No. All control is carried out from fuzzy inference rules, in addition to adjustments in strategies and tuning of regulatory control loops.

Does the Nebuluz intervene directly in the process?

The best operation points are calculated periodically and can be sent as a suggestion to the operator, applied upon approval by the operator or written directly to the PLC to control the plant.

Does the Nebuluz apply to any process?

Yes, for any ongoing process. We perform custom modeling from the knowledge of our process, automation and instrumentation consultants, combined with the knowledge of the plant team.

What if my instrumentation and regulatory control are precarious?

For cases of precarious or non-existent instrumentation and control, we suggest dealing with these problems separately with our optimization and automation team, and later perform the implementation of Nebuluz.

What if the operator needs to shut down the Nebuluz momentarily?

During the implementation of Nebuluz we will make small modifications in the supervision system so that, if necessary, the operator can disable the advanced control without having to access another system.

The idea of the Nebuluz is to completely replace the operator?

The objective of Nebuluz is to provide the operator with more time available for contextual analysis and identification of plant improvements, not to replace it.

If I already have an APC, can I replace it?

Yes. We performed the complete replacement of existing systems. The development and testing of the Nebuluz can occur in parallel, allowing a migration with minimal impact or interruption.

How do I know if the Nebuluz can be used in my plant?

We recommend that Nebuluz be used in plants where a minimum level of instrumentation and regulatory control already exists. Please contact us for an evaluation.
Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
Finding experts