Time Line


Establishment of the company

Founded by some of the professionals responsible for the first automation projects in Brazil, HMI starts its activities as a systems integrator, instrumentation, electrical and Industrial IT.


Expansion through Brazil

Incorporation of BMA and start of expansion, with offices in the main capitals, in all regions of Brazil


Expansion to EPC

New business unit focused on EPC (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation, Industrial IT)


ISO 9001 Certification

With 10 years of activity, we received the ISO 9001 certification, recognition for our performance and the quality of services offered.


Implementation of BSC and consolidation of strategic planning


Passed the mark of 500 projects delivered


Inauguration of the electrical equipment factory in Betim-MG

Aimed at the construction of electrocentres, electrical panels and substations, the plant has allowed us to expand our offerings and our performance in the vertical industry.


Passed the mark of 1000 projects delivered


Construction and Inauguration of the new headquarters

Inauguration of the current headquarters, built from scratch by HMI's own initiative and where today is also installed the Stefanini unit in Belo Horizonte/MG.


Merger with Stefanini, forming the largest LATAM operating technology company

In 2015 we became part of the Stefanini group, representing the group's performance in the industrial sector in Brazil and worldwide.


Creation of the innovation department

A new business unit was created with a focus on disruptive technologies, R&D and consulting to increase operational efficiency.


Digital products

Launch of digital data-driven products integrated into the advisory offers.


Consolidation of the Data Science Laboratory at UFMG


Selection for the 1st Brazilian nuclear submarine project

In a 3-year process in which 77 technology companies with operations in Brazil were involved, HMI was considered the most capable company in operational technologies and complex project management, being chosen to develop and sustain the 1st Brazilian nuclear submarine project, in a technology transfer agreement between Brazil and France.


Consolidation of the globalisation strategy

Start of activities in Peru, Colombia and USA.


Implementation of new international projects

Works in Mozambique, Argentina, Peru and Canada.


Continued international expansion

GoLive of the first operational technology projects in the USA and Asia, being carried out by the USA business unit.


Investment in digital products

Validation and expansion of digital products with focus on operational efficiency


Investment in Operational Intelligence

New Business Unit of Operational Intelligence based on Industrial Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Process Optimization solutions