Projects, production and digitization of substations: generation and control of energy for your plant, on a turnkey basis

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Our products

We design and manufacture turnkey medium voltage substations for generation and control of industrial energy on concrete or metal structures. We also produce high voltage substations and have the service of digitizing substations, both by integrating equipment and supplying panels.

Guarantee the energy of your plant with reliability and without delays by talking to our business managers as soon as possible.

Medium Voltage Substations

Tailored to your demand.

- Insulation class 15 kV on turnkey
- Built on fixed or metal structures (in the latter case we supply ourselves)
- Insulation levels: 95 or 110 kV
- Fixed or mobile (skid or on wheels)

High Voltage Substations

Design and manufacturing .

- Supply of substations up to 280 kV on a turnkey basis

Substation Scanning

From equipment integration to column production .

We also work with the digitization of substations, from the integration of equipment of different protocols in a single interface, which can include a whole series of challenges, to the production of protection and control panels for the modernization of plants and substations, a service that we have already performed for one of the largest energy utilities in Brazil.

What makes HMI a different company?

Complete structure supply.

From the metallic structure to the panels everything is supplied by the HMI, previously tested and guaranteed against failures, with the substations already ready to work in turnkey mode.

Optional and customization.

Option for fixed or mobile substations and customization of the project according to the needs of the plant operation.
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