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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that knowledge of the process is fundamental.

In automation, it is necessary to know the processes of each industry, and our team is formed by people with experience in several areas, with thousands of projects in sectors such as mining, steel, pulp and paper, food and beverages, among others. This guarantees expertise and knowledge of what will be done. There are no "first time sailors".

Any success begins with a well-defined, revised and understood scope.

We always make a prior study of the plant and the project with the client, to determine whether it is really what we need to do to achieve the desired results. This prevents changes in plans or rework, and especially prevents the realization of projects that, although they may bring gains, deliver something you do not need.

We deliver the best solution, no matter the existing installed base.

We are a multi-brand company: we work with all major suppliers in the automation market, and our team has the expertise to deal with them all. This way, we deliver the most adequate solution in each case, no matter what the installed base of your plant.