Departure Device

The DPR-01 is a device formed by capacitors in series that allows the starting of induction motors, which generate high voltage drops, over long distances.


Operation and Advantages

Traditional solutions to break equipment motors such as excavators and electric drills go through changes in the electrical distribution system, construction of lowering substations close to the equipment or use of inverters, which can be costly or even impractical.

The DPR-01 has a lower cost and is easier to use: the input is connected to the power supply (load center or substation) and the output is connected to the machine's drive circuit, which can be at a distance of miles. The device operates automatically according to the logic implemented in the PLC: the circuit breakers insert the necessary capacitance and remove it after starting.

Technical Features

  • Nominal voltages: 4.1 6 kVa 1 3.8 kV, 60 Hz
  • Auxiliary voltages: 220/127 Vca
  • View status: Via HMI
  • Automation: Via PLC
  • Protections: Arc relay, MV fuses, emergency buttons, trip signals available for upstream power supply

Constructive Features

The DPR-01 starting device is made up of IP54-rated skid-mounted electrical panels with excellent mechanical robustness, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty use, characteristic of the areas where it will operate.

Simplified Electrical Diagram

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