Grounding monitor for electrical machines

The Ground Check Unit (UGC-03) is a device that monitors the integrity of ground conductors in insulated power cables, especially in cases where it is not possible to use conventional ground meshes (buried in the ground). Therefore, it is very useful in mobile machine feeders, such as excavators, reclaimers and many others.


Principle of Operation

The operating principle of the monitor is the injection of a loop-controlled current through the pilot wire and earth (PE) conductors present in the insulated supply cables of mobile electrical machines. When the ground conductor interruption occurs, the current in the loop disappears and the UGC-03 Unit immediately identifies the fault.

In addition to monitoring the integrity of the ground conductors, the unit monitors the occurrence of a short circuit between the ground conductors and the pilot wire present in the power cable and provides voltage-free NAF contacts to signal the loss of ground integrity and the presence of auxiliary power in the unit.

Technical Features

  • Auxiliary supply voltages available: 85-265 Vac or 100-230 Vcc.
  • Auxiliary contacts:
    02 NAF (signaling) actuation of the protection in the occurrence;
    01 NAF (indication of the presence of the auxiliary supply voltage);
  • Continuity or fault LED's;
  • LED indicating the presence of auxiliary voltage.

In addition to the UGC-03 Ground Check Unit, a Termination Unit (UT-01) is supplied as a component of the
current loop, which must be installed by the user in the power terminal
box of the mobile machine.

Constructive Features

Ground Check Unit UGC-03:

  • Housing in plastic box with frame 98x98 mm, semi-installed
  • Panel mounting, at the user's charge

Terminal Unit UT-01:

  • Enclosure in plastic case 90x18 mm
  • DIN rail mounting on the terminal box of the mobile machine, at the user's expense

Simplified Electrical Diagram

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