Continuity monitoring for existing M.T. grounding resistors (upgrade)

If you already have grounding resistors in M.T. and want to monitor the continuity of the circuit to ground, thus avoiding rupture and consequent transient overvoltages during faults, we have an upgrade: the UMT-01. Easily installable, the unit can alert about ruptures even remotely.


Operation of the equipment

The equipment is composed of an electronic unit and a resistive sensor, which operates with the injection of an online controlled current in the form of a loop circulating through the circuit to be monitored. If the continuity is lost, the loop will be interrupted and the unit will issue the alert, which can be given either by tactile switch or remotely.

At the user's discretion, there may be monitoring of the neutral-resistor-ground section or
just the integrity of the resistor. The UMT-01 unit can additionally incorporate an LED signaling the presence of the auxiliary supply voltage and provide auxiliary contacts for remote indication of occurrences.

Technical Features

  • Aux. supply voltages available: 85-265Vac and 100-230 Vcc;
  • Auxiliary contacts:
    01 NAF (remote fault indication);
    01 NAF (for inclusion in the main opening circuit, at customary discretion);
    01 NO (indicates presence of auxiliary supply voltage);
    01 NO (optional audible alarm);
  • Button (tactile key) to recognize the fault;
  • LED for fault signal;
  • LED indicating the presence of aux voltage.

Resistive sensor:

  • Applicable to grounding resistors in classes 2.4 kV to 13.8 kV.

Constructive Features

  • The UMT-01 unit is mounted on a 98x98 mm frame, semi-installed fixing. It must be installed in the electric room at the user's expense;
  • Resistive sensor mounted in metal housing to be installed near the existing grounding resistor.

Simplified Electrical Diagrams

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