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USC-01C is a system that allows, in equipment that has grounding resistors, to identify the exact circuit where a phase-earth fault current occurred, thus allowing to eliminate it quickly.


Use of the system and advantages

Although the use of grounding resistors is quite consolidated in industrial systems, it is often difficult to identify where a fault has occurred. Even if the fault does not prevent the system from continuing to operate, its quick location allows to eliminate the problem and ensure greater safety.

USC-01C allows this identification without the operator having to interact with powered power panels, meeting the requirements of NR-10. In addition, individual identification units can be provided according to the customer's needs, and the installation of the equipment is extremely simple.

Technical Features

  • The research of the place where the phase-earth fault occurred takes place from the current, already limited, that circulates to the earth in the electrical systems that operate in the philosophy of high ohmic value resistors.
  • The system is quite simple, consisting only of a microprocessor electronic unit and a toroidal current sensor. The electronic unit signals the
    presence of the fault to ground through a red flashing LED and also the presence of auxiliary voltage through a yellow LED.
  • If required by the customer, one or two reversible auxiliary contacts for remote signalling can be supplied on each unit.
  • Universal power supply (VCA or VCC)

Constructive Features

  • Unit USC-01C mounted in ABS plastic housing of dimensions 75x55 mm and DIN rail mounting;
  • The system is supplied in a metal enclosure for internal installation (IP40) with dimensions depending on the number of electronic units provided. This enclosure has a display that allows the visualization of the signaling of the units without the need to open the door.
  • Toroidal sensors with internal diameter 40 and 90 mm;(*)

(*) Other diameters on request

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