Transient protection in transformers

The FTT is a set that protects dry-insulated transformers from the action of fast transients, which after some time lead to the degradation of the winding of these transformers. With this, the isolation tends to fail, resulting in short circuits between spirals or from this to earth. Easy to install and maintain, the FTT works to preserve the life of the transformers, ensuring that the electrical system continues to act in a reliable manner.


Operation of the Set

The use of dry medium voltage transformers is recurrent in industry and even in commercial installations, and their switching is currently done by SF6 vacuum or gas circuit breakers. The issue is that these circuit-breakers generate fast transients which in a certain time degrade the transformers, leading to power outages which impair the production process and costs with repairing or replacing the transformer.

The set is formed by the association of special resistors and capacitors in parallel with a set of lightning arresters: the capacitors decrease the growth of the incident wave, and the resistors and the lightning arrester decrease the value of the refracted voltage in the transformer windings. Commission, the parameters of the electrical system are modified and the appearance of resonances that damage the winding is avoided.

Technical Features

  • Nominal voltages: 2.4 kV to 34.5 kV
  • Rated frequency: 60 HZ
  • Installation: Sheltered/ weather
  • In/out: Airborne or via single conductors
  • Main components of recognized origin

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