Energy Storage

Energy storage from intermittent sources and use of intelligence to ensure economy

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What are the gains of a smart control battery bank?

Operational Intelligence

Ensure quality energy for long periods of time

Energy storage can be necessary in a variety of situations, from dependence on sources such as the sun and wind to interruption of supply for any reason.

Common good battery design, respecting the most suitable type for the plant, it is possible to store considerable amounts of energy and protect itself for long periods.


Charge controller to ensure longer battery life

When batteries are charged without meeting technical criteria, they end up deteriorating and losing a considerable amount of time in their useful life.

The charge controller monitors variables in the charging and discharging process of the batteries to keep them at a safe level, which ensures better performance with maximum durability.

Operational Efficiency

Resources to ensure economy and better energy quality

We make use of our expertise in electricity to offer technological resources that allow us to control energy in an intelligent way, which guarantees both financial savings and better power quality.

Among the resources we provide we can list load leveling, peak-shaving, load shifting, voltage and frequency control and power factor (PF) correction, among others.

Operational Efficiency

Get the best for your plant by choosing the most suitable batteries

The choice of batteries to be used (such as chemical or redox flow, based on reduction and oxidation, for example) goes through a series of factors such as resistance to extreme temperatures, charge and discharge cycles, storage capacity and required power.

We help you to plan properly and choose the type of battery best suited to your plant, thus enabling you to achieve the best performance.

Operational Security

Management of all sub-suppliers to ensure delivery

The management of sub-suppliers is usually one of the most problematic points in the execution of a work, generating delays and complications.

Common system of anticipation of delays, the hiring of reliable sub-suppliers and strong management, we guarantee the delivery of the complete solution within the agreed time.

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Many battery companies do not have the electrical expertise to recommend best practices.

We have more than 30 years in the electrical sector, which gives us a whole know-how regarding equipment and practices.

EPC Solution

There are many suppliers who only deal with a part of the work, and some companies try to manage them all by themselves and end up lost.

We are responsible for the project and its execution and for managing suppliers, thus ensuring better control.

Customized solutions

It is common to find companies that have ready and generic projects and seek to adapt them to different situations.

We understand that each client is unique, so we dive deep to understand the problem and make the best project possible.

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From structural calculation to industrial IT

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Pressure for results, internal strengths and tight budgets are constant when dealing with EPC projects. That's why it's important to choose your supplier team well, avoiding design errors that can cause accidents and damage your image.

Industrial IT

Integrated governance for data control .

Integration between IT and TA to make better decisions, PIMS, MES, real-time tracking

Instrumentation, Automation and Control

Planning and alignment to your business

Remote monitoring, robotization, augmented reality, IIoT, multidisciplinary supply


Development,scanning and equipment

Projects for generation and distribution in industrial facilities, adaptation to NR10 and NR12, assembly, commissioning and assisted operation.


From project to field work

Equipment assembly, commissioning, structure construction, tanks and piping.

Civil Engineering

The work begins before the construction site

Projects, structural calculation, masonry and warehouse constructions, erection of metal structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an idea of the size and power of a battery bank to meet my needs?

In case of using batteries to supply demand, the power will be the sum of the elements to be fed. The capacity of the battery will depend on the time you seek to have autonomy without recharging the battery and the characteristics of discharge to extend its life. To prolong its years of use, it is not recommended to completely discharge the batteries, therefore an overdimensioning is necessary.

Do you offer battery solutions together with solar power plants?

Yes! Precisely because of their dependence on nature, solar power plants are always associated with batteries to store energy and thus ensure the reliability of the system. We take responsibility for the project as a whole, including helping in the choice of the most appropriate type of batteries considering the discharge time and power required.

If I already have batteries, can I buy only the intelligent control solutions?

Yes! Although these systems should ideally be designed together, your current battery system can benefit from intelligent charge and discharge management control. Intelligent control will consist of both software solutions and equipment dedicated to this function.

Is the economic outlook short or medium term?

The benefits of an intelligent battery control are to ensure its functionality, minimizing the possibility of power supply unavailability and prioritizing their charging at the right moments according to their power supply. Another important point is the extension of battery life by a few years. Batteries are delicate assets that require careful operation. Therefore, savings are both short and long term.

What is the average life of batteries?

This issue depends on several factors, including the battery technology in question, its manufacturer, its use and maintenance. To get an idea, in hybrid solar plant applications, a lithium battery can be up to 15 years old, while lead ones last about 8 years.

How does the maintenance of a battery bank work?

First of all it is important to maintain the ideal conditions of the environment, avoiding extreme temperatures and taking into account the humidity of the place when preparing the design. For maintenance, IEEE recommends a series of periodic tests to ensure the correct functioning of all batteries in the chain, avoiding failures for the assembly. Among these tests are capacity, voltage and AC/DC fluctuation current tests, internal ohmic values, discharge test and AC ripple current, which should be performed by a qualified professional.
Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
Finding experts