Wind Farms

Clean and renewable energy for large wind powered industries

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What are the advantages of investing in wind energy?

Operational Efficiency

Profitability with great generation potential and little maintenance

The investment in wind energy, although it may seem high at first, is profitable in the long term due to the enormous generation potential, and Brazil has a lot of potential in this regard.

In addition, maintenance is economical compared to other forms of energy: it must be done in a planned, timely manner and at relatively large intervals of time.


In a market where sustainability is well regarded, clean energy generates added value

Even in the B2B market, sustainability is very important today: there are companies that prioritize suppliers that invest in sustainability.

Investing in wind farms is part of a global revolution, and making that investment in an open and collaborative way guarantees a considerable gain in value added to your business.

Operational Security

Licensing made possible by years dealing with regulatory bodies

Obtaining a license for a work has its critical point in dealing with the regulatory bodies.

Our years of experience in this deal ensure a licensing process without major setbacks and with the delivery of expected power, meeting expectations and avoiding delays and losses.


Seek clean energy and get ahead of your competitors

Wind farms generate carbon-free energy, help decentralise energy processes and make it possible to obtain diverse process data, which enables better management.

The whole world is seeking sustainability, and investing in wind power plants is to be at the forefront of the market in this search, in addition to saving resources and positioning itself strategically.

Operational Security

Guaranteed delivery with reliable sub-suppliers

It is very difficult to organise reliable sub-suppliers, and this is one of the things that most often causes delays in construction.

We have a team of sub-suppliers with an excellent track record and a system for anticipating delays, which allows us to deliver solutions on time.

Operational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and other technologies to manage assets and improve results

The use of internet of things associated with a greater digitalization of data allows to implement solutions of analytics and machine learning to manage assets and save on maintenance and equipment exchange.

With intelligent management you get more efficiency, producing more and saving resources. And this is a fundamental step in the cultural change in search of greater sustainability.

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There are many suppliers who are hostage to a single partner and who do not keep up with what has been happening on the international market.

Our technology partners are at the forefront of research and delivery of sustainable solutions on all fronts of renewable energy.

Customized Solutions

It is common to find companies that have ready and generic projects and seek to adapt them to different situations.

We understand that each client is unique, so we dive deep to understand the problem and make the best project possible.

EPC Solution

There are many suppliers who only deal with a part of the work, and some companies try to manage them all by themselves and end up lost.

We are responsible for the project and its execution and for the management of suppliers: their only job is to indicate the necessary power.

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From structural calculation to industrial IT

Expertise in all areas
Commitment to results
Best Cost Benefit Safety and Environmental

Certifications No acceptance of corrupt practices

Pressure for results, internal strengths and tight budgets are constant when dealing with EPC projects. That's why it's important to choose your supplier team well, avoiding design errors that can cause accidents and damage your image.

Industrial IT

Integrated governance for data control .

Integration between IT and TA to make better decisions, PIMS, MES, real-time tracking

Instrumentation, Automation and Control

Planning and alignment to your business

Remote monitoring, robotization, augmented reality, IIoT, multidisciplinary supply


Development,scanning and equipment

Projects for generation and distribution in industrial facilities, adaptation to NR10 and NR12, assembly, commissioning and assisted operation.


From project to field work

Equipment assembly, commissioning, structure construction, tanks and piping.

Civil Engineering

The work begins before the construction site

Projects, structural calculation, masonry and warehouse constructions, erection of metal structures.

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Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
Finding experts