Solar Power Plants

An alternative to generate your own clean energy, reduce carbon and improve efficiency

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What can solar power plants add?


Decarbonisation is taking place in a market that is increasingly demanding with regard to sustainability

Sustainability today is a very important element in the positioning of a company and the way it is seen, even in the B2B market. Large international companies today use investment in sustainability as a criterion for choosing their suppliers.

Investing in solar power plants is part of a global revolution, and making that investment in an open and collaborative way guarantees a considerable gain in value added to your business.


Anticipate the market in search of a cleaner matrix

The search for a cleaner energy matrix is a must in today's marketplace, and that search goes through the so-called 3Ds: Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitization.

Photovoltaic plants contribute to all three, because solar energy is carbon-free, self-generation helps decentralise processes involving energy and it is possible to digitise the plants to obtain various process data, which contributes to better energy management.

Operational Security

Experience in dealing with regulatory bodies to ensure licensing

The negotiations with the regulatory bodies are one of the most critical points for obtaining the licensing for the work.

We have experience in these treatments to ensure peace of mind in the licensing process and delivery of the expected power on schedule, without any loss to you.

Operational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, IIoT and analytics can help in asset management and drive results

With data digitization and the use of internet for things, it is possible to implement machine learning and analytics solutions to obtain a better asset management, minimizing the costs with maintenance or equipment replacement.

Predictive maintenance allows to do more with less in a more efficient system, being part of the cultural change in the search for greater sustainability.

Operational Security

Management of all sub-suppliers to ensure delivery

The management of sub-suppliers is usually one of the most problematic points in the execution of a work, generating delays and complications.

Common system of anticipation of delays, the hiring of reliable sub-suppliers and strong management, we guarantee the delivery of the complete solution within the agreed time.

Operational Efficiency

Reduction of carbon emissions and electricity costs

Investing in solar energy is not only important for the environment but can also be cheaper in the long term.

Besides generating the energy itself, with a solar park it is also possible to use the surplus energy later, as well as commercialize it in the free market in cases and be associated to the SECC. There are benefits both for the company and for society.

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The delay in building solar power plants involves paying for energy that was not generated in that time, which makes cheap suppliers very expensive.

We have the best price in the market considering the cost benefit of the project, with guaranteed and reliable delivery.


The growth of solar power plants has caused many companies without experience to venture into the sector.

We have over 30 years of experience and over 2900 projects delivered in the electrical sector, in automation and involving digital transformation.

EPC Solution

There are many suppliers who only deal with a part of the work, and some companies try to manage them all by themselves and end up lost.

All sub-suppliers are our responsibility: you will have more agility, having only one point of contact.


There are many suppliers who are hostage to a single partner and who do not keep up with what has been happening on the international market.

We are agnostic: the best technology is the one that meets the specific needs of our customers.

Customized solutions

It is common to find companies that have ready and generic projects and seek to adapt them to different situations.

We understand that each client is unique, so we dive deep to understand the problem and make the best project possible.

Digital DNA

Many companies do not have a history of delivering solutions using different technologies and different suppliers.

ihm was already founded with the purpose of digitizing its customers. We have over 25 years integrating different platforms involving AI and IoT technologies.

Learn more about the applications and differentials of our services.

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Pressure for results, internal strengths and tight budgets are constant when dealing with EPC projects. That's why it's important to choose your supplier team well, avoiding design errors that can cause accidents and damage your image.

Industrial IT

Integrated governance for data control .

Integration between IT and TA to make better decisions, PIMS, MES, real-time tracking

Instrumentation, Automation and Control

Planning and alignment to your business

Remote monitoring, robotization, augmented reality, IIoT, multidisciplinary supply


Development,scanning and equipment

Projects for generation and distribution in industrial facilities, adaptation to NR10 and NR12, assembly, commissioning and assisted operation.


From project to field work

Equipment assembly, commissioning, structure construction, tanks and piping.

Civil Engineering

The work begins before the construction site

Projects, structural calculation, masonry and warehouse constructions, erection of metal structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to estimate the power required to supply the loads at the present time and for the coming years?

A good practice is to raise the monthly energy expenditure (kWh) and estimate the growth for the next years, by dividing this monthly energy by 30 days, the daily energy to be consumed is determined.

Is there any way to know the area required?

Knowing the power required by the plant, the area is roughly calculated considering the equipment to be used.

If I produce more energy than I need, how do I use the surplus energy?

For small premises, the surplus generated is converted into credits to be written off in future accounts valid for 60 months, in accordance with resolution ReN 482/2012 of Aneel. The surplus can also be used in various compensation models, such as load generation, remote self consumption, shared generation and multiple consumer units.

Do you offer battery solutions together with solar power plants?

Yes! Precisely because of their dependence on nature, solar power plants are always associated with batteries to store energy and thus ensure the reliability of the system. We take responsibility for the project as a whole, including helping in the choice of the most appropriate type of batteries considering the discharge time and power required.

Is it possible to store energy produced from renewable sources?

Yes! There are several storage technologies on the market, and their characteristics depend on the type of use and investment made. The dimensioning can be made to attend critical loads in moments of emergency or to provide autonomy in the energy production. In both cases we are able to provide the appropriate system to meet your expectations.

Is it possible to do an intelligent management of the energy generated?

Yes! Intelligent systems can manage the energy generated and its storage in batteries in a coordinated way, in order to guarantee the quality of the energy and minimize the consumption in more expensive schedules, providing economy and a whole series of other advantages.

How much is the initial investment around?

There are some green credit lines with attractive financing conditions, which can make the initial investment basically zero, with the cost of the project already being paid by the economy provided with the generation of the plant and your company already increasing its added value because it is sustainable. Are you interested? Make an appointment with us!

What are the legal procedures for regulating a small solar power plant?

For the processes of Microgeneration (up to 75kW installed) and Minigeneration (up to 5 MW installed) we first have the request for access to connect the solar energy system to the concessionaire and then the issuing of the access report by the concessionaire and the signing of contracts (for Minigeneration systems there is only the access report). Later there is the approval of the project (only in the case of Minigeneration) and the effective installation of the generation. After this step, the concessionaire is requested to inspect and, once everything is correct, the approval of the point is granted, the measurement is exchanged and the compensation system begins.

What are the legal procedures for regulating a large solar power plant?

Centralized generation plants should have a flat area, if possible close to the grid, with the capacity to connect to the concessionaire. In general, plants with a power of up to 60 MW have a good chance of being connected to a distributor with connections at 69 kV or 138 kV, and it is necessary to enter processes in them to verify if the system supports this load. Plants above 200 MW will be connected at a voltage of 220 kV, whose network is managed by ONS and called basic network. The procedures will be in this body require access studies that we have expertise in developing. These plants usually use third-party land, with lease contracts and annual compensation depending on the area to be made available to the plant, and highly attractive land may involve anthropization, land regularity, high sunlight and proximity to large lines or substations.
Connect with our team of experts in various areas of industry.
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